Water-Smart Gardening and Xeroscaping Services in North Atlanta 

Is your green thumb not so green? Designing and planning a successful garden that will last for years to come is much more difficult than just picking out pretty flowers and plants. In fact, experienced gardeners and landscaping companies understand the significance of designing and planting a landscape that is able to minimize water usage, while at the same time maximizing water conservation. This is especially important in the hot, dry summers that homeowners in Georgia often experience.

Healthy lawns, ground covers, shrubs and trees are crucial to managing ground water and can assist in water retention, filtration and purification. In order to ensure that all of these factors are in place and working together to produce the desired result, it is important that you work with a landscaping company that thoroughly understands the concepts of water-smart gardening and Xeroscaping.

For example, installing water-smart shrubs and flowing beds of hardy perennials can be an easy way to dress up your dreary landscape and beat the heat of a hot, dry summer. We can help you design and implement a creative landscape that uses beautiful water-smart and drought-tolerant plants like Goldmound Spirea, Crimson Barberry and Purple Coneflower; giving you a landscape design that will retain its beauty, even in the middle of a drought.

Trust the Water-Smart Experts at Alpharetta’s Outside Landscape Group

Outside Landscape Group can help you design and install a water-smart landscape that minimizes water usage and maximizes your water conservation. In fact, we have been recognized as one of the premiere landscaping companies in the Atlanta area, and have received numerous awards and recognitions, including being featured in several Atlanta magazines for our outstanding work and customer service.


Don’t Let Drought Ruin Your Landscape: Choose a Water Efficient Solution

Don’t let hot summers, water restrictions, and drought prevent you from enjoying and beautifying your outdoor spaces. Of course, in times when drought is not an issue, it is always wise to conserve water, and a water-smart landscape can be a good option that will also save money by reducing your water bills.

To learn more about how we can help you design and implement a water-conserving solution for your landscape, give us a call today!





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